[sticky post]meme rules

these rules are all tentative
they're also pretty self-explanatory, there shouldn't be any issues since
its mostly respect aspects for each other. try to suffer through and read 
them though. thanks! 

last updated: 10/23/2012
  • We're all here for the same reasons more or less, to read smut about our favorite characters, pairings and so on so lets not bash pairings or shame kinks.
  • Everything is welcomed! Hetero, slash, ot#s and whatever else you can think of so go crazy
  • This is a kink meme so lets try not to have 'general' fills in the threads. Its fine and dandy if you want something domestic-y but don't forget the down and dirties of the fill. 
  • When prompting fills keep it short and sweet. If you're going to use the last name(surname) for one character please use it for the other too. Likewise, for indexing in the future please use both characters names and not the 'shipname'. 
  • Fills should include in the subject line right away: FILL. This makes it easier for people to navigate around the community and this should cut down the re-prompting of similar ideas. Also if possible, try to keep yourself on anonymous.

            FILL EXAMPLE
            name / name brief description of what you want to be filled and then explain the prompt further
               ie. suoh/munakata; prison cell sexy time
               munakata actually having to remain in the cell with mikoto, sex
               ensues pls.

  • Multiple fills are just fine, make sure you mention that its a second fill and so on.
  • For both fills and prompts please use digression by listing off possible TWs or trigger warnings. ie; rape, sexual assault, graphic detailing etc.

smallest announcement sort of.
the ban on general fics is now officially lifted!
you are free to post what ever your heart desires as prompts and fills (as long as you're mindful of the tw rules)
i appreciate all the activity and please feel free to contact me if anything else comes up that you feel would better
the thread if changed/altered. 
enjoy the rest of your winters

another announcement??

hello all, sorry to spam the meme wall with posts but I just wanted to let you guys in on the link before I started posting it elsewhere around the internet. i don't know if any of you are familiar ( haha familiarities ) with the website delicious. but basically its going to help keep track of the filled and unfilled, pairings and what nots of the thread. 


as of right now it is not finished but expect to have it updated before the weekend, say friday? 
thank you all for working so hard to keep this thing up and going, i've been pretty impressed with the fills lately and the prompts too. mm steamy! lets work hard to keep this bad boy going, thank you! 

ps. I hope you enjoyed the holidays c:

we're just about at 100 comments in the thread now, its had a slow start but i'm glad it's finally gotten some speed.
congratulations to you all who have filled up to now, its no easy task but you've done it. I just have a few things to 
remind you guys of when enjoying your stay in the kink meme :) 

remember the rules please
you guys have been pretty good with this up until now, just mind your subject heads. this is a KINK meme therefore there
needs to be a SEXUAL ACT in your prompt. 

if you like a prompt fill free to say so under the comment
this will motivation the person who fills whenever they come along to pick up this prompt. also don't forget the all important
praise/feedback to the fill

that being said it's been brough up to my attention and I too believe that there is a disportioned
balance of fills to prompts in this meme. the general rule to this is ask a prompt, do a fill. it keeps everyone
happy. even yourself.

that being said I hope you keep on posting, the main thing is that this meme stays open. I know the closing of the anime
is nearing and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes it was longer. Hopefully with the proper maintence this community
will be able to see the second season of the anime ( c'mon, we all know they're not going to stop it at 13! )

** feel free to comment under this post with anything, from hellos to theories about the show. we want to build up a good
group here right? cheers! ** 

well lets get this started
i honestly assume everyones participated or at least
seen a kink meme before but if anyone has anymore
questions don't hesitate to message me. have fun!
puuuhhhhleaaaaaseeee read the rules if this is your 
first time in a kink meme. ***


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